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Guidance is available at: http://www.hse.gov.uk/quarries/country.htm

A walkover of the site with an officer from the local authority to confirm that they are satisfied with the nature and condition of the site fencing could be useful. A record of any exchange of correspondence confirming the findings of the site visit may be helpful for both parties in the future.

Record Keeping:
The information required under QR99 must be kept available for at least three years. (See Regulation 44).

Requirements under planning permissions:
Before a quarry is abandoned it is recommended that a final visit by the relevant planning authority/ Environment Agency is undertaken, to sign off the work done.
Communications with new owners:

The passing on of the new contact information to owners of significant structures on adjacent land could avoid issues in the future. For example, electricity supply, gas/water pipelines and other services. This is especially important to utility companies with pylons and pipelines close to quarry boundaries.

Removal of signage:
Once the quarry is abandoned and handed over to a new “owner” all company signs and logos should be removed to avoid ownership and responsibility confusion in the future.