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4.1 In order to ensure that the E&TR remain relevant to the way the quarry operates, the rules should be reviewed on a regular basis, ideally at least annually. If a significant change to notifiable features occurs, then, under Regulations 31, 32, 33 and 34, a Geotechnical specialist must review the E&TR rules. Some examples of change to notifiable features are list below and covered by Information Sheet 3 – Guidance on Managing Change to the Excavation or Tip.

• Changes in operating machinery.
• Quarry design.
• Geological ground conditions.
• Location of infrastructure.
• Restarting after dormancy.
• Suspension and activation of quarry operations.

4.2 It is a requirement to ensure arrangements are in place to involve those who work at the quarry to provide feedback and suggestions as to how the E&TR can be improved or where they are failing.