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2.1 The E&TR need to be designed in such a way that they can be communicated and explained so they are understood by all relevant people (in accordance with Regulation 10). For example, the following job roles, either employee or contractors, should be considered.

• All mobile plant operators
• Drilling and Blasting personnel
• Management
• Visitors
• Anyone else who may be affected

2.2 Depending on size and complexity of the site/contract, consideration should be made to the format of the E&TR. An option is to have an “Umbrella Document”, underneath which will site a series of documents, such as schemes, plans and SOP’s.

2.3 A SOP should be referenced under the “Umbrella Document”, but only issued to personnel authorised by the relevant SOP’s, thereby tailoring the rules to the person(s) involved and the tasks to be undertaken. This would make the rules directly relevant to those who need to comply with them and therefore be readily understood and followed. An example of a SOP document is given in Appendix 1.