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Changes to the Excavations or Tips will require an Appraisal and where a significant hazard is identified a Geotechnical Assessment needs to be completed to confirm if the proposed change can proceed or to identify what additional controls will be required for the change to take place.

Appendix 1 — The Managing Change Impact Assessment Sheet; provides a check list for changes that can impact upon the Excavations and Tips.

Any changes should be planned and risk assessed in advance to ensure that they are properly controlled. However where a change occurs that is unplanned (e.g. instability), it still requires the same level of review and control or remediation. Any instability is likely to require reporting as a dangerous occurrence under RIDDOR, Schedule 2, Part III, 47.

Being aware of the effects of change is important to ensure that new hazards are not introduced into the workplace and to ensure that effective controls are in place to control any new or changing risks.

The effects of change and its significance on safety, health and the environment must be fully understood and considered in the decision making process.