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14. Face maintenance methods will depend upon a number of factors including the type of mineral being worked, topography, geotechnical issues, blast design, availability of plant and the competency of personnel, including plant operators. Geotechnical Specialists have a crucial role in helping quarry operators determine suitable methods of face maintenance and formulating quarry designs. The planning of face geometry in a quarry is a strategic quarry design decision and geotechnical advice should be fully considered.

15. The Quarry Design must consider the final faces (including existing, older faces) prior to closure of the quarry. This guidance does not address these matters.


16. This guidance has highlighted the key role that Geotechnical Specialists play in the design and assessment of working quarry faces. Quarry operators are responsible for making and resourcing any decisions made based upon any advice provided. The workforce – employees, their representatives and contractors – has a wealth of practical experience and knowledge to contribute to all aspects of quarry operations including quarry design and methods of working. The workforce can also provide essential feedback on day to day matters such as strata or ground water that could affect face stability. The workforce makes a major contribution to quarry safety. Quarry operators should utilise their capacity to the full and encourage their active participation in managing the risks associated with their work.