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7. When working quarry faces the following should be considered:

  • Has the Geotechnical Assessment identified planar, wedge, toppling, rotational or any other type of in-bench failure mechanism or rock fall?
  • Is a rock trap required? If so, has it been incorporated into the Quarry Design and ‘Excavations and Tips Rules’?
  • Does material at the top of the face need to be within the reach or capture capability of the excavator/loader?
  • Is the excavator/loader always in a safe position, for example is the cab outside of the rockfall / sand engulfment zone?
  • Is the excavator/loader capable of controlling the largest rock?
  • Are the excavator/loader, loading pad/platform and rock pile stable?
  • Is the bench wide enough for loading and long-term maintenance operations including access, drainage, scaling, stand-offs, edge protection and rock traps where needed?
  • Have faces, benches and stand-offs been designed stipulating widths, heights and angles, and size and type of excavator/loader?
  • Is the crest susceptible to ‘back-break’ following blasting operations?