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To ensure that all vehicles operated at sites are maintained in safe condition, this QNJAC guidance comprises Pre-start checks; Daily safety checks; Defect actions & reporting; and what to do with the Reports. It is intended that the checklists be tailored to reflect site-specific needs.

The purpose of this guide is to ensure that all vehicles operated at sites are maintained in safe condition. Its use is purely voluntary and it should be tailored to your site specific needs. Maintenance and safety checks are to be made as soon as practicable when a machine is used. Local rules will provide more detail.

The guide shall be retained in the vehicle cab and be available at all times for inspection. If the book is lost or damaged, report it immediately to your supervisor/manager.

  1. Enter the vehicle make and type and plant number on the front cover and at the top of each sheet used.

  2. All items must be meaningfully addressed with the appropriate box receiving a () if in order, a cross () if requiring attention or a zero (0) if not applicable. The defects box requires a yes or no entering.
  3. The operator shall initial the sheet for each day.

  4. At the end of each week, the sheet shall be signed by the operator and the supervisor/manager. The top white sheet is then removed and filed in line with local rules.

  5. When the book is full, it shall be handed back to the supervisor/ manager and a new one requested.


  1. All defects shall be recorded in the defects section at the back of the book and be reported to the supervisor/manager in line with local rules.

  2. Where a defect is likely to affect the safe operation of the vehicle, e.g. brakes, steering, reversing aids, horn, lighting during darkness, the defect sheet must be completed and the book handed back to the supervisor/manager before the machine is put to work (or continues to work if a defect occurs during a shift).

  3. Where the supervisor/manager deems the machine is safe to continue working, he shall make a note of his reason on both copies of the defect sheet before acknowledging receipt and removing the top copy from the book.

  4. Where a defect sheet is received by the supervisor/manager, it shall be given a job reference number (top right hand box).