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Category A

When defects with any of the following occur, the vehicle MUST be taken out of service immediately and reported, where fitted.

  • Cameras, radar, audible reverse warning system, reverse light.

  • Brakes.

  • Steering.

  • Front windscreen cracks in line of vision.

  • Mirrors impairing vision.

  • Headlights in hours of darkness or poor visibility.

  • Vehicle structure.

  • Potentially dangerous tyre damage.

  • Any safety warning device.

  • Operation of windscreen wipers.

  • Steps and handrails other than cosmetic.

  • Major oil leaks or fuel leaks.

  • Damaged seat where the integrity of the seat is compromised.

  • Guards damaged or missing.

  • Door handles (operating devices) which prevent efficient opening.

  • Seat belts, damage of any kind.

  • Park brake.

  • Brake Lights

  • Inoperative or ineffective communication system.