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Focused on promoting health & safety in all sectors of the quarrying and associated industries. The Quarries National Joint Advisory Committee (QNJAC) is committed to making the industry a safer place, achieved through the raising of training, standards and competence. In essence, providing essential health & safety guidance to quarries.

QNJAC’s purpose is to debate and develop health and safety policies along with implementation strategies to complement these. One of the projects falling under this remit is Target Zero. Under the ‘Hard Target’ initiative adopted in June 2000, Target Zero aimed to achieve a 50% reduction in reportable accidents in the industry within 5 years. The quarry industry surpassed this ‘Hard Target’ with a 52% reduction in all reportable injuries by 2005.

Pledging support to a further phase of the initiative in 2010, the industry committed to achieve a further 15% year-on-year reduction on the run up to 2015.


Hillhead 2014 gave rise to the launch of a new logo design for Target Zero, aiming to push forward, reviving and refreshing its aims and objectives, re-asserting the ethos behind the initiative and providing a fresh look for ‘The drive to Target Zero’.

For approved guidance from QNJAC please visit www.QNJAC.co.uk or connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.